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With the Automated Marketing System, you get feature rich, effective and efficient system for promoting any business or opportunity.
We turn Leads in to Prospects!
With your own custom “white labeled” AMS (Automated Marketing System) portal site, you will be able to kick it up a notch and take your marketing to a new level by empowering others. “White Labeled” means that the system will be on your domain, and will be branded with your brand, but you don’t have to worry about the technology, software and service integration required to make it all happen. With your own AMS Portal site, you’ll be able to …
  • Promote your product or brand with the cutting edge Automated Marketing System, in the most efficient manner possible. You spend your time with “prospects”, instead of trying to convert leads into prospects. We do that for you.
  • Earn commissions by offering tools to other members of your organization. Your customized portal site will give them all the tools they need for success. Custom landing pages, where prospects will be presented with information about your product or opportunity, where they will provide their contact information … Name, email address and/or phone number if they are interested. These landing pages can also include links to where they can get the same automation system they are responding to, for themselves.
  • As an added benefit, if these members of your organization are in your downline, you will most likely reap the rewards of them becoming more effective in the way of downline commissions. So, not only will you help them be more successful, it will make you more successful as well!
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