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Step 4 is just some quick tips on how to write these messages within your text message campaign. Some power tips here don't exceed 140 characters... Show more

So use tools like link shortened if you're going to link them to a product offer or a landing page or your social media posts or... Show more

Bitly | URL Shortener, Custom Branded URLs, API & Link Management

Get the most out of your social and online marketing efforts. Own, understand and activate your best audience through the power of the link with…

is but basically it takes a long you are ill and it makes it super small so it doesn't take a lot of characters up. And also just some things that... Show more

The phones are smart enough to know that that's a video and so it actually pulls the entire video into the text message. So a great piece of content... Show more

So if you create short videos of information those sorts of things people will actually literally see the entire video in their text message and be... Show more

That can be super powerful as well. So think about these things as you write those messages keep them short keep them sweet. Use your shorten URL... Show more

Step number 3 once you've thought through step one the ideas and things that you're going to be sending and step two where you're going to get this... Show more

So you need to set up an AMS Text Marketing account. We have an Text Marketing tool that's very easy for small businesses to use very low cost. And... Show more

text in like marketing to (786)292-3084 go ahead try it. Let's say to opt in you're going to have your own keyword too. So this is what you're gonna... Show more

Maybe you might want to segment your list if you're in e-commerce store by people that like men's products versus people that like women's products... Show more

And also power tip here. Setup an automated message. So when somebody opts in they instantly get a message right away that adds some value so they... Show more

Oh hey thanks for opting We'll make sure to send you an alert that classes can't be canceled tell them what they got right or if it's an e-commerce... Show more

Here's a quick 10 percent off coupon code right now. Right. Give him that instant gratification for opting in so they feel good about it. Now... Show more

So step number 2: once you understand the type of content that you want to send it's time to start building your lists. So to build your list the... Show more

They need to actually opt in to receive the information that you want to provide. So what you need to do is you need to think about where you're... Show more

motivating them to opt in. It could say something like text whatever your opt in number is and keyword is to enter into our list to get a VIP... Show more

Social media posts social media ads asking people to opt in.
Send e-mail blasts out to your followers asking them to opt into your AMS Text...
Show more

Train your people to ask for it whether it's a front desk person somebody in the field. To ask people to opt into these lists and what they're going... Show more

If I'm a dance school and I want to get alerts when classes is canceled I need to opt into the list.
Why wouldn't I do that right. Why wouldn't I do that I...
Show more

So the question is how do you get in front of people. Because the thing is if you have all these beautiful AMS Text Marketing Campaigns built all... Show more


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